Monday, April 26, 2010

Isabelle Jane Oliverson

Our beautiful baby girl is here!!!  Her name is Isabelle Jane.  She was born on April 7th at 8:26 p.m.  She was 6 lb 6 oz and 18 inches long!  She came 2 weeks early which was a surprise to all of us.  Everything went really well with no complications.  She is very sweet and snuggly!  Up until the past few days I would have said that she sleeps like an angel at night waking only to eat...but that was too good to last.  Let's hope tonight goes better!  The boys absolutely love her.  They want to hold her all the time.  Erik does really well and Aidan needs quite a bit of monitoring!  We are so happy she is here!  What a miracle and blessing!
Isabelle Jane born April 7, 2010
Erik loves how tiny Isabelle's toes are and Aidan loves how tiny her "hangnails" (fingernails) are.
Erik and Isabelle
Aidan and Isabelle
Under the "billi blanket" to help her jaundice.
She looked like a glow worm.
This is a "Diaper Cake" some friends gave me.  So adorable!!
Grandpa and Grandma Porter with Isabelle.  Grandma got the stay with us for 10 days!!! Grandpa was able to come for the weekend.
Grandpa and Grandma Oliverson with Isabelle (2 1/2 weeks old)


Zach, Jen and Elizabeth said...

She's SOOOO perfect! I love how cute she is in the little purple flowered shirt with the polkadot pants. Man, I can't wait to come snuggle her!!! She's beautiful. :)

SummerV said...

Congrats Stacie. How exciting to finally have a girl. She is a doll, I think she is going to look like you. I didn't even know you had a blog...Jenn told me about it on facebook. Now I can keep up with you. You look amazing, like you never had a baby!

Spencer and Audrey said...

She's a sweetheart! Love the pics. She'll be one spoiled little lady... watch out for those big brothers when the dating years roll around!